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Elite Win pass Diamonds Fire Free Fire 2021

noviembre 18, 2021

The Freedom Fire Elite Pass is an additional content pack for in-game use. It offers a wider range of unique and exclusive items, as each new Elite Pass release brings special features from Garena Freedom Fire’s previously selected themes.

By completing daily, elite and veteran challenges in different game mode matches, you can collect badges that allow you to claim exclusive Elite Pass items.

What does it bring?
As mentioned above, these are exclusive items not normally found in the game store and will become very valuable over time, as they are not returnable and only those who have purchased this Elite Pass will be able to get them. Bring the following items with you.

Win Free Diamonds Fire & withdraw your diamonds.

Win Free Diamonds Fire Cobra Alok. Best app to earn diamonds free by Playing Simple Games. There are lots of ways you can earn diamonds fast, easily and having fun fire.

Just Play some existing games and win fire diamonds free

Spin & Win ff Diamonds

Spin a wheel and get a chance to win up to 500 diamonds free in just one spin fire and also have a chance to win Shirou cobra character.

Scratch & Win ff Diamonds

Scratch and have a chance to win up to 1080 diamond free.

Watch & Earn ff Diamonds

Just watch videos and earn daily 15 diamonds Free

Giveaway ff diamonds

Get a chance to win 4360 ff diamond free every week fire by participating Giveaways.

Usages of Diamonds

You can topup free alok, Chrono, Clu Free Elite Pass, Street boy bundle and many more free using this diamonds.

Gold Box
Exclusive Weapon Guards
Exclusive vehicle
Exclusive parachute
Unique surfboards
Survival item cards
Air drops
Firearm and melee weapon skins
Experience and gold cards
Fragments of memories
Exclusive full costumes
Evolution Stones
Character grading cards
Pet food
Consumable items
Discount coupons for diamond purchases
How long is the Elite Pass valid?
Each game has a time limit after release, at the end of which time a new game begins and brings new exclusive items.


Passes are renewed every 33 days and the remaining time is displayed in the upper right corner of the Fire Pass screen as shown below.